Looking back on the information age and where it all began is like chronologically trying to order a 500-year saga of innovation that has shaped the world we live in, from the first pocket watch to the latest nanotechnology.

Each new invention has its place in historical context and offers insight into the inventor’s life and motivation, as well as the difference their innovation has made to the world as we know it. Invention is motivated by an endeavour to find a better way of accomplishing a specific task. Technology continues to improve, Networking gets faster and more stable and Communications more efficient due to these endeavours; and this will continue to be the case as long as there is someone searching for that better way.


The founding members of Borwood were responsible for designing and deploying many of the innovative global communications solutions that we see today at large multi-national corporations world-wide.

This was motivated by an endeavour to provide an exceptional experience for our customers, whether that is through the provision of leading-edge invisible technologies, state-of-the-art networking infrastructures or the delivery of the best-of-breed in integrated communications, we will not falter on our promise to keep you connected and always deliver.


And what better way to accomplish this promise than to partner with the world’s leading innovators and to leverage from their experience in the operator space? Borwood’s strategy to establish itself as both a Virtual Network Operator (VNO) and Backbone Network Operator (BNO) was complimented by securing key partnerships with the world’s largest Tier-1 carriers world-wide.

Our own extensive network and these partnerships have enabled us to build a truly global network that offers the best connectivity from point-to-point around the world, and positions us as not only innovators in the connectivity industry, but as Tier-0 providers. We can meticulously choose from all the available networks at our disposal and select the best, most reliable way to deliver your data and connect you globally.

Over the years, we have evolved into a global communications solution provider and continue to manage many multi-national corporations’ ICT environments in the Europe, Asia and US regions.