Borwood’s Cloud Backup Services are ideal for a range of businesses—from mid-size organizations to large enterprises—to facilitate business continuity and efficiency by ensuring that data is constantly protected and available.

Borwood’s Cloud Backup services offers flexible backup and recovery options to help you overcome bandwidth constraints and security risks. Leverage the Borwood world class cloud infrastructure for everything from online backup and offsite protection of your backup data, to disaster recovery, Managed Services, and more

Borwood offers an automated online backup and recovery offering that provides secure, reliable, efficient protection of your organization’s critical data, directly through the Internet. It automatically backs up desktop, laptop and server data from across your organization. You configure your desired retention schedule and monitor your backups via a web browser. Your data is deduplicated, compressed, encrypted, and then transmitted to a secure cloud environment in one of our top-tier data centres. And it’s all at your fingertips whenever you need it-with multiple options for fast, fool proof recovery.