By integrating cloud computing into your private network, your managed cloud computing platform resides separate from the public Internet. Since the cloud computing environment becomes an extension of your private network, you eliminate the need to add infrastructure or staff to manage the space, and can redirect your resources to core business projects instead. Business units can now build their own private cloud environments in minutes instead of weeks.

  • Give developers rapid access to secure pools of cloud computing resources.
  • Seamlessly migrate existing server workloads and projects to the cloud without sacrificing security, performance, or service quality.
  • Maintain control and visibility of the underlying data centre and networking infrastructure.
  • Free up scarce IT resources by using Borwood Support to monitor and manage infrastructure, routine updates and backups.
  • Reduce the costs associated with maintaining data centre infrastructure.
  • Better integrate business continuity and disaster recovery planning into your overall data centre strategy.

Key features

  • Virtual Servers:
  • Operating Systems
  • Service Level Guarantees
  • Latency Guarantees