Enterprise Internet Services

Internet access is a business critical service for customers today, and Borwood’s Enterprise Internet services provide high-speed, secure and reliable access delivered to your business locations.

Leveraging Borwood’s global network of transit and peering links ensures that our customers are able to experience assured un-contended connectivity for their business operations.

Services can be connected to your location over a variety of interfaces, whether it be leased line or Ethernet.

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Ethernet Private Line Circuits

Borwood’s Private Line Services take the complexity out of WAN infrastructure by giving customers the capability to connect international and national sites using Ethernet services. Point-to-Point (Ethernet Private Circuit) and Multi-Point (Ethernet Private LAN Service) options enable geographically dispersed sites to connect with each other with the simplicity and ease-of-management of a single Ethernet LAN.

Secure, reliable, private connectivity between sites using Ethernet services allows customers to maintain control of network routing policies, simplify network designs and rapidly deploy new services without the need for traditional TDM interfaces.

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Ethernet Private LAN Service

Borwood’s Ethernet Private LAN service is a multi-point service providing secure high-speed connectivity between multiple business locations, whether local, national or global.

Customers are able to connect up multiple locations with a fully meshed, private, secure network.

Utilising Ethernet for WAN connectivity enables our customers to simplify their network designs and rapidly deploy new services without the need for traditional TDM interfaces.

An Ethernet Private LAN Service combines the global reach, performance and reliability of the Borwood network with the simplicity, ease-of-management and privacy of an Ethernet service

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WAN Services

With Points of Presence located across the world, Borwood is ideally able to deliver private WAN solutions, whether they be local, national or international services.

Private WAN circuits can be delivered via any handoff, whether it be an international 622mbps Packet over SONET service or national leased line service.

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MPLS IP-VPN Services

Borwood’s MPLS IP-VPN Service provides a secure, private any-to-any service over our international Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network.

The service offers the privacy and security that businesses need, while leveraging the scalability, reliability and performance of Borwood’s global infrastructure.

A variety of bandwidths are available for each site, so that your branch offices and Data centre sites are connected with the appropriate amount of connectivity.

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Network Security

Network security is an underlying requirement for any modern business looking to ensure the safety and integrity of their data.

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