Due to the technologies involved in implementation, as well as the extensive skill required to run a multi-point service, traditional designs for WAN services using Frame Relay or ATM often introduce a significant complexity and cost for businesses looking to link up multiple sites.

With Borwood’s Private LAN Service our customers benefit from our global reaching network and enjoy the cost-effectiveness, with lower OpEx and CapEx as they streamline their technology. Our customers can easily connect data centres and storage networks. And as the service is handed off on Ethernet, no new skill sets are required, and typically the service can be connected to your existing infrastructure.

Maintain control of your network routing and access while supporting IP and traditional traffic.  Converge voice, data, video and multimedia on a single platform and leverage Ethernet technology to maintain the privacy and control of your Ethernet Private LAN Service network across locations without sacrificing performance or management simplicity.

This is a Layer 2, MPLS-based any-to-any network service that allows geographically dispersed sites to connect through a single LAN.

Key features

  • Bandwidth ranging from 1MB to 10G
  • Can be used to connect up national or international sites
  • Available in 220 cities globally
  • Service Level Guarantees to match your business requirements
  • Multi-point (connecting multiple sites together)
  • Class of Service (CoS) levels options available
  • 24×7 Monitoring of services