With the growth of bandwidth intensive applications such as VoIP, video, and disaster recovery as well as the move to cloud computing services, companies are facing new challenges to provide scalable, cost-effective WAN links between company datacentres and offices. At the same time, IT departments are looking for consistent and manageable solutions that do not introduce further complexity into their infrastructure.

Businesses looking for WAN solutions are increasingly moving away from traditional WAN technologies, such as frame relay and ATM networks, and instead looking for Ethernet WAN solutions.

Borwood’s Ethernet Private Line Service (point-to-point) and Ethernet Private LAN Service (point to multi-point or meshed) can provide secure high-speed Ethernet connectivity between multiple business locations, whether local, national or global.  Utilising Ethernet for WAN connectivity allows our customers to more easily manage their network designs and rapidly deploy new services without the need for traditional WAN interfaces. By deploying an Ethernet service, companies are able to leverage their existing investment in Ethernet technology and skills, thereby reducing costs and simplifying deployment. Business data is transferred over dedicated layer 2 connections at native Ethernet speeds, providing a consistent network design and allowing customers to maintain control of their network routing and layer 3 services.

Borwood’s services enable customers to seamlessly extend their Ethernet LAN infrastructure to their national and international sites. For connectivity between two sites, Borwood’s Ethernet Private Line Service delivers a single point-to-point Ethernet service that can connect two sites at Ethernet speeds. For connecting multiple sites together, Borwood’s Ethernet Private LAN Service provides a service that can extend a LAN between multiple sites.

Key features

  • Point-to-Point and Multi-Point services available
  • Class of Service (CoS) levels options available
  • VLAN tagging options supported
  • Available as national or international service
  • Bandwidth ranging from 1MB to 10G
  • Service Level Guarantees to match your business requirements
  • Security options available, including managed firewall services
  • 24×7 Monitoring of services
  • Online reporting to help you manage your capacity requirements