Companies that are looking to connect multiple sites are moving away from the complexity of traditional TDM WAN services such as frame relay and ATM to more consistent designs. Traditional designs often require multiple providers and a mixture of technologies across different sites, which often limits the redundancy and resiliency of the WAN infrastructure. Deployment of additional sites can be complicated and slow.

Borwoods Layer 3 MPLS services offer the privacy and security of a Frame Relay or ATM network, yet they allow the inherent any-to-any connectivity and routing flexibility typical of an IP network. These services can provide customers with the opportunity to link multiple sites with flexible network topologies that can be reconfigured to suit hub and spoke or mesh network designs. Customers are able to manage their own routing via BGP and benefit from the inherent resiliency of IP routing. The service is access technology agnostic and can support a range of delivery technologies such as Frame Relay, ATM, Ethernet, POS, etc.

Our intelligent MPLS IP-VPN service gives your multi-location business a secure, cost-effective MPLS-enabled Wide Area Network (WAN) solution that provides the superior network performance your business demands.

Key features

  • Quality of Service (QOS) supported
  • Leverage Borwood’s technical expertise to ensure resilient site-to-site routing.
  • Scalable ­ – Additional sites can be brought online easily and bandwidth can be increased easily.
  • Cost-effective ­– No longer requires a dedicated circuit which was expensive to build and made it difficult to fully mesh sites.
  • Ease of Management – a single provider for multiple sites
  • Available as national or international service
  • Bandwidth ranging from 1MB to 10G
  • Service Level Guarantees to match your business requirements
  • Security options available, including managed firewall services
  • 24×7 Monitoring of services
  • Online reporting to help you manage your capacity requirements