At the same time that businesses are becoming ever more reliant on their IT infrastructure to manage their company data, knowledge and communications, they are also at an ever increasing risk of threats to the security and integrity of that data.

Not only does their risk increase, but the damage that a high profile security breach can do to a company’s brand is exceedingly apparent.

Borwood can provide services that help protect private company and customer data, and facilitate secure communications among company offices and remote users, all with our Premise-Based Network Security. We provide managed security services, such as premise-based Firewall and point-to-point Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, that can secure remote access from any public IP connection. Our easy-to-implement managed security services are ideal for companies that need superb network security without a heavy investment in infrastructure or personnel.

Key features

  • Secure remote access
  • Use an online portal to quickly add or deactivate remote access workers
  • Support different network access types and bandwidth speeds through a range of premise based devices
  • Supplement your existing data security practices
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership with flexible, cost-effective security
  • Data is encrypted and travels over a dedicated, private IP connection.
  • All devices use data encryption, integrity checking and network authentication protocols.
  • Always-on network and security management
  • Advanced Firewall configurations with Stateful Inspection options