Managing communications across the enterprise can be costly, time-consuming, and complex—but it doesn’t have to be that way. With Enterprise SIP, you can use your existing phone systems and MPLS network to deliver VoIP across multiple locations, streamline the management process and reduce costs. Using just one or a few of your existing IP-PBXs and private network, Enterprise SIP lets you:

  • Centralize, standardize and simplify the delivery of VoIP services to your locations
  • Avoid installing and maintaining multiple IP-PBX systems and local voice trunks at each of your locations
  • Call any on-net site without incurring long distance charges
  • Dynamically share voice calling capacity across the entire enterprise

Key features

  • Simplified, streamlined management of voice services across your enterprise
  • Eliminate local voice trunks, long distance charges between business locations, and setup and maintenance costs of managing separate voice and data networks
  • Experience superior call quality and reliability
  • Share idle voice trunk capacity across locations
  • Let all of your enterprise locations experience the benefits of VoIP
  • Standardize the management of your voice services
  • Encryption is available that uses either one or both of the industry standards for SIP signalling: SRTP and TLS
  • Available Internationally