SIP Trunking allows your business to save money each year on ISDN line rental and call costs. A SIP Trunk connects your existing PBX / phone system to the public telephone network via the same network connection as your data services, using a single network for both data and voice. This reduces or eliminates the need for expensive ISDN line rental charges. SIP Trunking also allows free calls between connected offices.

Key features

  • Integrate with your PBX – No upgrade or maintenance charges, only pay for a monthly licence fee.
  • Reduced or no line rental
  • Reduced call charges
  • Free calls between offices – Using SIP Trunks you can remove the cost of calls between offices.
  • Integrate a SIP Trunk with your existing telephony system – SIP Trunking is not just about cost savings, SIP Trunks bring a range of benefits to your existing telephony estate and can be used with an IP enabled traditional PBX. Additional features can be delivered via the SIP Trunk, enhancing your current phone system and allowing you to get more out of your existing investments.
  • Business Continuity – With a SIP Trunk, incoming calls can be quickly redirected to another location, or a number of locations. You can also provide staff with the ability to redirect their personal phone number to any handset, such as a home number, so that they can continue to work even if there has been a major incident.
  • Also, SIP Trunks don’t have to replace all ISDN lines, they can be installed simply to meet extra demand or for testing purposes; their inherent flexibility allows effortless scaling-up of capacity without affecting existing infrastructure.