Dynamically manage traffic pattern changes and get high-quality simultaneous voice and data transmission while leveraging your existing PBX investment.  Enhance productivity with call forwarding, call waiting and three-way calling; enhanced voicemail, directory assistance and operator assistance.   Cost-effective in-state, state-to-state, international and toll-free calling for businesses. International or Domestic Toll Free Numbers, Conferencing Services, powerful cost-management options and domestic Toll Free Number features are also available.

Enterprises looking for a high-efficiency, high-speed integrated voice and data system that doesn’t require a huge infrastructure investment can benefit from Call Termination Services.  An all-digital solution that supports the advanced call centre features you need to improve customer service; and provides superior network performance and trunking efficiency. Whether your business is in the process of growing, or your large business is looking for a cost-effective solution that consistently delivers high-quality voice and data traffic, Borwood’s Call Termination solutions are ideal for your needs.

Key features

  • High-speed access
  • Cost-effective implementation that uses your existing PBX infrastructure
  • Guaranteed multi-location, dynamic bandwidth over non-shared lines
  • Dynamic channel allocation that allows your business to easily handle multiple services and changes in traffic pattern
  • Superb all-digital transmission quality, even when simultaneously transferring large volumes of data and voice
  • Improved trunking efficiency and network performance
  • Flexible, robust features that address all of your voice and data needs for one low rate