Enterprises of all sizes depend on unified communications solutions and technology. Unified Communications simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. Our people-centric solutions integrate voice, video and data, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real time, in the mode best suited to each interaction. This eliminates inefficiencies in communications to make organizations more productive and responsive.


Staff can use any phone, any application, at any location to be productive. Customer service improves and issue resolution is dramatically accelerated when staff can collaborate faster and smarter, and their communications channels are integrated.  When communications tools work together, you get more done. Use the same interface to collaborate real-time across all your tools, including desktop video, social media, conferencing, and more.

Simpler and more affordable

Unified communications is now affordable to small, midmarket, or enterprise customers, not just the largest of large enterprises.  Unified Communications unifies systems, devices and applications from multiple vendors. We support open standards and robust interfaces with third-party products, for lower costs and improved flexibility. Our core communications platform, leverages SIP architecture to simplify networks and connect users at every location regardless of endpoint infrastructure.

Open and compatible

Traditional Unified communications solutions have been “closed”.  Borwood can offer you the use of any type of phone, PBX or mobile and integrate with your key business processes and applications (ERP, CRM, trouble ticketing or accounting).  Reply to email with your voice. Turn an IM into a conference call. Answer your desk phone from the airport. No matter how, where, or when you communicate, you’ll have seamless access to the same familiar interfaces and corporate resources.

Business Continuity

Being hosted in a carrier‐grade network, your communications are protected from any site, building, or network outages; calls can be seamlessly migrated to redundant routes or locations in the event of an emergency.  Our solutions have been used for years by organizations from small businesses to the Fortune 500.

No more painful upgrades

With Unified Communications as a Service, your system is maintained and kept current by Borwood.  Enterprises accelerate business processes through simple, open integration with business applications, desktop environments, emerging social media, and multi-vendor communications systems.

Contact Centre Features

  • Call Centre functionality, such as auto‐attendant, ACD algorithms, desktop clients, real‐time monitoring and in‐depth historical reporting.
  • The ability for users to set up a comprehensive, feature‐rich Call Centre anywhere in the world, with no hardware, software or up‐front capital expenditure.
  • Automated Call Distribution feature sets that include hunt groups, call queuing when all users are busy, and no‐answer treatments.
  • No more busy lines for callers since ACDs and queuing are available to any size customer. Queue calls for Receptionists. Includes remote or mobile employees in queues.
  • Disaster Recovery – have your contact centre up and running in a new location within hours

Business Features

  • Integration of disparate technologies (traditional analogue phones, IP phones, mobile handsets) into one system.
  • ‘Adds and changes’ are software driven, ‘moves’ no longer relevant.
  • Integration of video, fax, voice and email communications, globally.
  • Migration from old to new platforms with no disruption to business.
  • Voice system becomes massively scalable without capital, lease, or maintenance costs.
  • One policy management system across desk phones, softphones, IP phones and mobile handsets.
  • Handoff calls from one handset to another (i.e. mobile to desk phone) without interruption.
  • Integration with corporate applications such as IBM (Sametime), Microsoft (Outlook/OCS) or Google
  • Apps; ERP, CRM etc., become possible.
  • Instant (ad‐hoc) conferencing or scheduled business conferencing.
  • Intelligent least cost routing.

Productivity Features

  • One number per staff member that reaches them wherever they are.
  • Functionality becomes handset independent, what you can do on your desk phone, you can do on your mobile.
  • Staff can work anywhere with defined policies for work and home locations.
  • SMS and voicemail retrievable from desk phone, soft‐phone or mobile handset.