How about connecting all of your offices together in a secure environment where all of your employees can share and access Company documents at a click of a button.

Or are your telephony bill excessively high and a cost effective call solution mission critical to your business?


Borwood is well positioned to provide and manage better than “carrier-class” network connectivity from any point to point, or multi-point, around the globe.

Whether it is an International Private Leased Circuit, a global VPN or Ethernet Network or merely Internet Access you require, we have the tailor-made connectivity solution for your business.


From our hosted server and virtual call centre environments to our cloud and communications solutions which leverage the quality and scalability of our extensive best-of-breed networks to the best of your advantage.

Whether it is VoIP services you need to enable least cost routing, quality voice termination, convergence or sophisticated call centre and unified communications, Borwood have the capacity to meet your needs.

Just ask us how.


Build a more Intelligent Network

Networks need to be more robust, high performance and be interactive to withstand today’s new world of IT.

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Move to the Cloud

Businesses are increasingly transforming their operations with comprehensive cloud service strategies as this enables them to deliver IT services more efficiently, better unify their employees, and effectively protect data and information.

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Find the Right VOIP Solution

Each network is unique, and businesses have different needs and objectives when it comes to technology, administration, and cost, and this can making finding the best VoIP solution to unifying employees, customer, and suppliers very challenging.

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Be more Secure

It’s often difficult to stay ahead of the latest viruses and malware that quickly spread across the Internet.

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Increase Efficiences

Borwood will assist you in prioritizing traffic on your wide area network, and gain the live intelligence and visibility you need in order to make informed decisions vital to its performance.

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Improve Customer Relationships

Having the right technology can mean the difference between dissatisfied customers and happy customers.

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